The Health Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Tanning Beds

using a tanning bedBeing in the 21st century, there are a lot new gadgets to use to make your life a little easier, one that falls in this category is the tanning bed. Tanning beds have gotten huge across the world, and you can find them in salons and even in residential homes. More and more apartment complexes provide them for their residents now as well. It’s super easy to get a tan year round with tanning beds, rather than waiting for the summertime sun to come out.

Pros of Using a Tanning Bed

Tanning beds can also provide Vitamin D, which is typically acquired by us humans from the sun. However, in areas with short days certain times of the year or heavy overcast, Vitamin D can be hard to come by!

The obvious benefit of using a tanning bed is having perfectly tanned skin. You can utilize a tanning bed to get that specific tone of skin that you believe looks best on you. You often hear people complaining about being “too pasty” and this is a quick solution for them. Many people also like to get a “base” tan before going on vacation somewhere extremely sunny. Having a base tan can greatly help you to avoid sun burns while on vacation.

Cons of Using Tanning Beds

stand-up tanning bedThere have been some serious health risks when it comes to using a tanning bed frequently. The most common one is increasing your risk of getting skin cancer. 75% are more at risk of skin cancer when they are using a tanning bed rather than just the ones who tan naturally outside from the sun.

When you use a tanning bed, even just once, it has a tendency to dry out your skin. When your skin gets dry, it is far more receptive to premature wrinkles and other skin problems. Having dry skin can also lead to itchiness and sometimes eczema. Prolonged dry skin can also lead to “leathery” skin – which does not feel nice to touch. We all want to look young and tanning beds cause damage to your skin cells, which makes you look far older than you actually are.

So even though there are both pros and cons to using a tanning bed, you have to ask yourself whether taking on the risks of frequent tanning are worth it to you. Is it necessary to have that perfect glow right now and risk the chance of developing skin cancer or looking older than you actually are later on? If you use a tanning bed just for special events, that is a lot better than using it one or more times each week – moderation is key!